Thursday, February 23, 2006

Community Garden Project

It's about that time again. I've been spading up my raised beds, and forking in the compost, rock dust, and so forth. I've got some onion sets, English and snap peas, turnip and spinach seed, and other cold weather crops, ready to go into the ground as soon as it's dry enough to work.

And some other local people are getting the same idea. Arkansas Indymedia reports on a community garden project on Hill Street in Fayetteville:

The Hill Street Community Garden is a project by several Fayettevillains to create a space to produce their own food, free from chemicals, environmental destruction, and exploitation of farm workers. The site is located in Hill Street resident Larry Berry's back yard in Fayetteville. The first meeting was on Sunday, January 14th, and an inspired (and inspiring) group of people came togther to start figuring out what could be done now to get started.

They discussed researching various sustainable argiculture practices such as permaculture and each one sharing what they have learned at later meetings. Also, they decided to start making lists of what to plant, and to get a cold frame together and start some cold-hearty produce.

They've also built an ingenious little greenhouse from a dismantled trampoline frame and some sheet plastic, that ought to be featured in Mother Earth News or Backwoods Home or something.


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