Monday, February 20, 2006

Better to Die on Your Knees Than, Uh... Live on Your Belly?

From a recent John Brummett column:

For the record: The New York Times stood up for America at its best, a country that mandates freedom of the press and freedom from illegal search and seizure.

Uh, not exactly; the NYT was crawling for America at its best--and it took it a year to even get to its knees.

In fairness, though, Brummett is sometimes (perhaps inadvertently) a bit tougher on the spineless "opposition." For example, Alan Colmes got his knickers in a twist last month over Brummett's "offhand reference" to him as "pitiable." In fact, the poodle got so mad he stood up on his hind legs for once, and sent an angry email about Brummett's "cheap shot":

He said he neither wanted nor deserved my pity, that he had a good life, that he served a noble purpose providing an attempt at balance on Fox and that liberals' main problem with him seemed to be that he was entirely too civil, unwilling to engage in a "Crossfire" kind of shoutfest.

I backtracked, saying that if he didn't want my pity, there was no need in my extending it. He certainly was not pitiable in his behavior toward me.

Indeed. If he was capable of that kind of backbone in dealing with (say) Sean Hannity, he wouldn't have earned that "pitiable" epithet in the first place.

Personally, I like Al Franken's habit of writing his name in extra-small characters--like this: Hannity and Colmes.


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